Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Last June our 4-month trip around the World reached its end. Sadness aside, I gathered some info, specially about how long we spent traveling from one city to another, to share it here. As the World is kind of big, the most tiresome part of the trip is inside of a mean of transportation. But, anyways, I've got some numbers and this might give you a better idea of this very not cool part of such an awesome adventure. And also our experience with prices, couchsurfing and backpacking.

Here we go:

131 days traveling
12 countries
4 continents
7 visas required (for Mexicans, 6 for Brazilians)
13 flights
16 train trips
15 bus trips

Approximated total hours traveled:

Plane - 51h - (Longest flight: Seattle to Beijing, 12h)
Bus - 108h - (Country we traveled by bus the most - Vietnam, 64h - Longest Bus Trip - Hue to Nha Trang, 16h)
Car - 16h - (Country we traveled by car the most - India, 13h)
Train - 126h - (Country we traveled bu train the most - China, 82h - Longest Train Trip - Shanghai to Hong Kong, 19h)

Total = 301h (12.5 days)

Approximated money spent with visa:
US$335 each

All of our trips from one city to another plus visas we've applied:


Plane - Guadalajara -> Tijuana - 3h 

Car - Tijuana to Los Angeles - 3h
Visa - Chinese (Issued same day, Los Angeles) - US$90 
Plane - Los Angeles to Seattle to Beijing - 14h

Train - Beijing to Badaling (Roundtrip) - 3h
Train - Beijing to Xi'an - 12h 
Train - Xi'an to Xuzhou to Shanghai - 15h
Train - Shanghai to Hong Kong - 19h
Visa - Vietnam (Issued same day, Hong Kong) - US$80
Train - Hong Kong to Guilin - 16h
Bus - Guilin to Yangshuo to Longsheng - 8h
Train - Guilin to Nanning - 5h 
Train - Nanning to Hanoi - 12h

Visa - Thailand (Issued in 3 business days, Hanoi) - US$40
Bus - Hanoi to Halong Bay (Roundtrip) - 8h
Bus - Hanoi to Ninh Binh (Roundtrip) - 4h 
Bus - Hanoi to Hue - 12h
Bus - Hue to Hoi An to Nha Trang - 16h
Bus - Nha Trang to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) - 12h
Bus - Saigon to Phnom Penh to Siem Reap - 12h


Visa - Cambodia (Issued on arrival) - US$20
Bus - Siem reap to Bangkok - 12h

Visa - Indian (Issued from Phuket in 8 business days) - US$90
Bus - Bangkok to Phuket - 12h
Plane - Phuket to Kuala Lumpur to Delhi - 7h

Car - Delhi to Agra to Jaipur to Delhi - 13h
Train - Delhi to Mumbai - 16h
Plane - Mumbai to Cairo - 5h

Visa - Egypt (Issued on arrival) - US$15
Plane - Cairo to Rome - 3h

Train - Rome to Florence - 4h
Train - Florence to Pisa (Roundtrip) - 3h
Train - Florence to Bologna to Venice - 5h
Train - Venice to Milan - 5h
Plane - Milan to Paris - 2h

Train - Paris to Versailles (Roundtrip) - 3h
Bus - Paris to Amsterdam - 6h


Plane - Amsterdam to London - 1h

Bus - London to Stonehenge (Roundtrip) - 3h
Plane - London to Iceland - 3h

Bus - Golden Circle - 3h
Plane - Reykjavik to New York - 6h

Plane - New York to Houston to Guadalajara - 7h

Our experience with prices, backpacking and couchsurfing (it is worth saying that it is only based on expenses and experiences we've had! For example, maybe England has more expensive long-distance buses than France, but we have not taken a bus in England, so for us, France had the most expensive long-distance bus):

Cheapest hostels:
China (average of US$4ea)

Cheapest long distance transportation:
China (average of US$0,80/hour, train hard seat)

Cheapest short distance transportation:
China (average of US$0,30/ride subway)

Most expensive hostels:
Reykjavik and New York (US$30ea)

Most expensive long distance transport:
France (US$35/hour, second class train or US$10/hour, bus)

Most expensive short distance transport:
England (US$6/ride subway)

Hardest places to couchsurf (we couldn't find a host):
Rome, Florence and New York

Easiest places to couchsurf (we've found more than 3 hosts):
Paris, London and Milan

Most expensive country for attractions:
England (average of US$20/entrance fee)

Cheapest country for attractions:
Vietnam (average of US$15/day-trip all-included)

Best country to backpack:

Worst country to backpack: